4 Naturally Beautiful Places in Italy

Beautiful Places in Italy

Located in southern Europe, Italy is a country with much of its own natural beauty. It’s a mountainous peninsula with seaside cliffs along much of its coastline. Italy also has several lakes surrounded by towns in many areas that offer incredible views of the natural landscape. Although there are many areas of Italy that fit this description, this article will focus on four of its naturally beautiful places.

1 Salerno

Salerno is both a province and a city in the Campania Region of southwestern Italy. Confusing? Salerno is the capital city in the Province of Salerno. Interestingly, it’s not the only Province in Italy that has a city with the same name.

Located close to the popular Amalfi Coast, Salerno shares a similar cultural landscape that is also very picturesque and beautiful. The entire 37 mile area from Salerno to Sorrento offers some spectacular views from the hilltops and coastline – whether you’re driving or walking.

Salerno is considered one of the sunniest towns in Italy – at least in the spring and summer. During the fall and winter months, it rains a lot and can also be very windy. Temperatures are pretty mild in the winter – rarely going below 46 °F. The summer climate is dry with temperatures averaging about 86 °F.

The city of Salerno is about 22 square miles and has a population of about 132,000. Aside from being a popular tourist area, the port of Salerno is also a busy area. It is one of the most active ports in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, there are many other notable attractions. One of them is the Vie dei mercanti, or merchant street. Located in Historical Downtown Salerno, the Vie dei mercanti is a very well-maintained shopping area for both locals and tourist.

The Lungomare Trieste (pictured above) is something you can’t miss. The 5-mile walkway along Salerno’s beautiful coastline is lined with many rare palms. Built in the 1950s, it’s one of the best Promenades in Italy. If you are interested in learning more about traveling to the beautiful places, visit this dedicated website https://iwdn.net/ for useful information.

2 Gardone Riviera

One of the most beautiful areas in northern Italy is near Lake Garda. The lake is about 32 miles along and is the largest lake in Italy. Among the towns that surround Lake Garda, there are several destinations with spectacular views overlooking the water. To the north you can see the Italian Alps.

Gardone Riviera is a small town that lies on the western shore of Lake Garda. Only covering 8 square miles with a population of about 2,700, Gardone Riviera is a popular tourist destination located in the Lombardy Region of Italy. Also known as the “Garden City”, there are several hotels, restaurants, and a promenade surrounded by flowers.

The Gardone Sopra is an old historic center that is located up a small hill. You’ll find courtyards and more flower gardens and restaurants, and The Vittoriale – a very large hillside estate – perched on the hilltop.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Gardone Riviera is also a great place for outdoor sports activities, health- and fitness-themed activities, rest and relaxation, and indulging in thermal spa treatments. Are you interested in learning more about traveling to historical places? Visit this dedicated website https://pastmycurfew.com/ for useful information.

3 Bellagio

The town of Bellagio is a small town in the Lombardy Region of northern Italy with a population of about 3,000. It’s located near the Swiss border and north of Milan.

Bellagio is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Lake” because of its picturesque and romantic setting. It sits at the intersection of three branches of Lake Como. The lake forms a Y shape where you can see panoramic views of the lake with the Alps to the north.

Like many cities in Italy, the summer months tend to draw more visitors. It’s a nice place to visit year-round, though. The climate in Bellagio is mild. Daytime temperatures rarely get below 43 °F in the winter or above 86 °F in the summer.

There are plenty of places to walk around and enjoy the natural beauty of Bellagio. Along the lake and over the hills surrounding Lake Como, you’ll find many walking paths – some are rather steep.

The lakeside promenade has flowerbeds that are full of flowers. It leads to the Villa Melzi, which is open to the public from April through October. A popular tourist attraction, Villa Melzi has a park and a beautiful garden filled with azaleas and rhododendrons.

Another beautiful site overlooking Lake Como is Villa Serbelloni Park, which features a beautiful 18th century garden. It’s also only open to the public from April through October.

In addition to taking in its natural beauty, Bellagio also offers other activities including boat tours and water sports. During the summer months, you can take a ride on a tourist train and enjoy musical events and festivals.

4 Manarola

Manarola is located in the Liguria Region northern Italy. It’s the second smallest town of the Cinque Terre, which is made up of five villages and hillsides along the Italian Riviera. The entire area of Cinque Terre National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Manarola is a popular tourist area because of its beauty. A walking trail, Sentiero Azzuro, is a great place to explore Manarola as well as the other four villages. They are all connected by the trail.

Other transportation options are limited. Since most roads in Manarola are not accessible by car, you can either take a train ride or a passenger ferry to reach the other villages in the Cinque Terre. Local trains also provide transportation to other cities in Italy such as Milan and Rome. Get detailed information about adventures traveling and resorts on this dedicated website: https://bajiroo.com/.