Changes to the Apple Website Show Mac Users Must Back Up Their Music and Other Files

MAC vs. PC

Every music lover knows how personal her favorite songs can become. It’s why so many around the world are willing to pay money to download the songs of their favorite artists onto their computers. But, now more than ever, viruses are attacking computers that can eradicate your favorite songs, pictures, movies, and more.

At the dawn of the digital age came iTunes and the emergence of downloading all of your favorite music through your computer. I still enjoy the convenience of listening to samples on my computer, buying songs, or whole albums for my favorite artist, and then putting the songs on my iPod. The only difference between now and a few years ago is I use the latest descargar ares to back up my music. Click the website  to know more about exploring why Mac users must back up their music and how to do it.

MAC vs. PC

Like many others during the early stages of iTunes, I didn’t think much of viruses. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before you couldn’t help but hear horror stories from your friends of viruses infecting their computers and hours upon hours of music being deleted. As a result of the viruses on many popular PC computers, Apple started to advertise that their Mac computers were impervious to viruses. Music lovers rejoiced and vowed never to purchase a PC again.

In news that every music lover who proudly shows off their MAC should know, Apple has recently changed their tune when it comes to their devices being virus free. Their website switched its text from “It doesn’t get PC viruses” to the much vaguer “It’s built to be safe.” The news is already starting to make many music lovers descargar ares and other programs that are known for backing up music files. If you want to learn tips on viruses on PC computers, look at the website

Flashback virus

While most computer experts would agree that the Mac is still better suited to house your music library, the change on the website comes after a Flashback virus wreaked havoc on more than 600,000 computers earlier in the year, and just like that the days of boasting that Macs won’t obtain the same viruses that affect PCs were over. The Flashback virus caused Mac owners to not only lose their music files but their pictures, movies, and even business documents.

The bottom line is you have to back up your important files. When you feel as strongly about music as I do, you spend a good amount of your hard-earned money on music. In fact, I feel just about as strongly about the movies I have downloaded on my computer. With the change on Apple’s webpage, there are no more excuses, you either protect your downloads or risk having the plug pulled on your favorite entertainment. If you want to read more information about flashback virus just visit