Free and Easy Ways to Protect Your Business’ Online Reputation

Online Business Protection

It’s impossible to run a business in the modern economy without taking full advantage of the Internet. Frankly, there’s no better way to discover and reach millions of potential customers from all around the world, especially if you don’t have the financial might of one of those big corporate power players. The internet represents endless possibilities, but it does come at a price. In the same way that you can use your blog, website, and social networks to get your message out there, any individual can also promote their agenda. Take control of your online reputation today and protect your business for the future. Click here Go-oodles to know Free and Easy Ways to Protect Your Business’ Online Reputation.

And that agenda doesn’t always mesh with yours. Perhaps a former employee feels slighted, a customer didn’t get what they thought they were promised or a network follower is slighted by some casual remark coming from your advertising department. In any of those situations, you could find an individual or a group spreading negative words about your brand. They are entirely within their rights to do so, as are you to find this bad blood and manage it before it hurts your bottom line. Here Demand Question Time are some free and easy ways to protect your business’s online reputation.

First off, conduct a series of searches involving your company. If this isn’t a regular part of your online process, it’s something you should start doing right away. You’ll always be able to tell how the world of the internet is experiencing your business by what comes up in searches. Head to Google and search your company name, your products, and yourself. Look at the options Google provides as well. You can search for images and news stories as well as simple site results. You’ll be able to see fairly quickly what the first impression of your business currently is.

Next, look deeper into Google, especially at their ‘Alerts’ option. Google Alerts is entirely free and allows you to set a series of search terms and automatically receive a notification whenever you return an article, news story, or web mention of any kind. You can set alerts for all of the search terms you used before, and decide if you want those results delivered on a daily or weekly basis. It’s a lot to keep up with, but you’ll know immediately if anyone online is badmouthing your company.

A similar option in the social networking world is called Social Mention. This also scours the web but with a particular focus on Twitter, Facebook, social events, and video content. It will also give you an analysis of each search return, which could end up being more valuable than the basic alert you get through Google. With Social Mention you can even create your own RSS feed, to keep you up to date on your online reputation in real-time.

All of this comes together into a ratings score, for each company and their senior management. You won’t have to look at this daily, but it might be a good idea to check in once a month to see how your employees truly feel about the company. It’s great for your online reputation, but might also help you increase morale and effectiveness at the office if you take their words seriously. Empower yourself and your business with the knowledge to protect your online reputation. Get more ideas to Protect Your Business reputation at Frog Save.