How the Wrong SEO Practices Can Hurt Your Website

Wrong SEO

Many people mistakenly believe that once you build your website that people are going to go to it. This is true to a certain extent since your friends and family are going to click on your website and possibly pass it on to their friends and family. However, in order to get visitors to come to your website without someone telling them about the website, you need to have search engine optimization. When people think of SEO in Hong Kong, they usually think of keywords. But keywords are just a part of it.

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Below are a few of the things that relate to search engine optimization that you can use on your website.

  • Link building – One of the best things that you can do is to build links with other websites. For example, say that you have a photography website. Why not build a link with a wedding website? Most brides and grooms look for a photographer to take pictures of their wedding.
  • Keywords – Keywords are the items that people search for when they are looking for something specific on the web. If you have a website where you sell gemstone jewellery, one of the keywords that you might use on your website is ruby necklace. When someone is looking for a ruby necklace, they are going to find your website.
  • Content – Content is something that search engines love and so do your visitors. This is one of the best ways to you can use your keywords, but it can also be a way that you can prove tear visitors that you are an expert. Using the example of jewellery from above, a piece of content that you might write is “How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring for Your Fiancé”. It’s useful to your visitors and you can use some of your keywords in it.

One thing to remember about SEO is that there is good SEO and there is bad SEO. If you do it wrong, you can seriously ruin your reputation and you could be blacklisted by search engines, meaning no one is going to be able to find your website. Below are some of the bad practices when it comes to SEO that you should avoid.

  • Keyword stuffing – If some keywords are good, a lot of keywords are better, right? Wrong! Search engines hate people who stuff their websites and their content with keywords. Not only that, when you stuff your content fall of keywords it’s obvious to your visitors and it doesn’t look natural. Is keyword stuffing beneficial to SEO? For additional details, see Linking to anything and everything – A lot of people mistakenly believe that any link is a good link. But if you don’t choose the right kind of sites to link to, it can actually hurt your rank in Google and other search engines. Carefully choose what websites you link to rather than doing a link swap with everybody.
  • Not updating regularly – There are people who put some content up on their blog or their website and believe that is enough for the search engines. But while they’re just letting their website stay the same, other websites are being updated. The search engine would rather see an active website with updated content than one that has gone stale.

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