How to Reduce the Cost of Packaging for Your Business


No matter what kind of company you might run (or work for), there is going to come a time when you’ll need to send a package to either a customer, client, or vendor. And if your business is doing really well, you’ll be doing so on a fairly consistent basis. The website offers additional suggestions on how to lower the cost of packaging for your business.

Being that we’re pretty sure that you are constantly on the search for how to reduce the cost of packaging for your business, we wanted to provide you five great tips for how you can get your packages off while saving a few extra dollars in the process. Check these suggestions out below:

Get boxes that actually fit. According to many packaging companies, if you happen to get a box that has more than two inches of “dead space”, not only could that increase the chance of the item inside getting damaged while in transit but it could also result in your paying more for your shipping. So make sure to look for boxes that will actually fit what you want to send.

Handle fragile items with extreme care. Fragile items really need to be individually wrapped so that they will not break (or crumble) before they arrive to their final destination. This means putting some cushion around the item itself and also adding some packing material into the box so that it’s not able to move around. Sure, it might take a little more time to prepare but it’s much better than it being returned to you damaged and you having to ship another one out a few days or weeks later.

Be careful about “green packaging”. As more people are becoming environmentally aware, they are being far more conscious about all of the products that they use. If you happen to be one of those individuals, we think that is awesome. However, just keep in mind that as it relates to “green packaging” when biodegradable materials are exposed to extreme weather, they can easily break down and corrugated cartons that are made out of recycled materials can only be used once. So be sure to factor that in before making a green packaging purchase. Visit this specific website,, for more advice on green packaging for your company.

Check the packing prices and buy in bulk. If you were to ask a company like Royco Packaging, Inc. what they do to save money on packaging costs, we’re pretty confident that one of the things they will say is that they check packaging prices and that they try to purchase what they need in bulk. That’s why we recommend working with a smaller supplier because they usually have pretty solid relationships with vendors that will earn you a nice discount as a direct result.

Ask for advice. Companies like FedEx and UPS specialize in packaging things no matter what the size or where it’s headed. So, if you’re not sure that you’re packing something up in the most efficient or cost-effective way, don’t hesitate to take your item into one of them for a bit of advice. Both companies are usually quite helpful and can teach you some tips that will help to keep a few more dollars in your pocket—or that you can put back into your business account. You can go to the website for further information.