The Benefits of Good Blinds


You probably have curtains or blinds on your windows, and you don’t think much about them. Some people choose their blinds based on how they look or whether or not they match the rest of the decor. Few people probably think of the vast money-saving benefits of a set of good blinds. You can reduce your home maintenance costs, as well as reduce your home heating and cooling costs. You can find the advantages of high-quality blinds for your home on the home zoo

A good set of blinds can honestly save you hundreds of dollars every year.


In overly sunny areas such as Australia, UV rays from the sun have a way of damaging the upholstery in your house; UV radiation fades pigment in carpet and furniture. Once the upholstery has been sufficiently degraded, you will have to replace it at a high cost. Also, the sun’s radiation has a habit of fading and drying out leather upholstery, causing it to bleach and also crack.

A set of well-fitting blinds can block large amounts of radiation from ever entering your home. By blocking the harmful effects of daily sun exposure, blinds can increase the longevity of your carpet and upholstery; that means you won’t have to replace it as often, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Heating and Cooling

When the summer hits in warm places, such as Brisbane, the costs of cooling homes also goes up. That’s why blinds in Brisbane are so important; blocking the sun can help keep your house cool. Cool air is denser than warm air; based on physics, dense air seeks areas of lesser density. That means the cool air in your house wants to escape out into the warm outside. It is capable of doing this through what are called thermal bridges.

Thermal bridges are areas of your house that allow heat to come in from outside and cool air to escape. Windows are significant thermal bridges in most houses. Blinds protect the interior of your house from the warming effect of the sun. Also, they create a buffer between the air inside and the warm air pressing against the window.

When you find a pair of high-quality, well-fitting blinds, you will find that your electricity bill is likely to get smaller. In addition, during the winter, a pair of blinds creates a physical barrier that blocks the cold air outside from contacting the warm air inside. The blinds can also be opened to allow the warming sunlight into the house. With a pair of quality blinds, you might see your heating costs reduced as well. 

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Anytime the lights are on in your house, you’re spending money. Why would you bother spending money lighting your house on a sunny day? Instead, you can open up your blinds and allow all that free light into your house. The cost of lights isn’t terribly significant, but when you add up the number of lights in your house and the number of hours they run, you might find that you are missing out on significant savings. These are only a few of the ways blinds can save you money.

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